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Clothing Alterations

For all your Clothing Alteration Needs.

Sharon can advise you on the alterations of your favourite clothing. The alteration of pants, dresses, jackets and special garments like wedding dresses are all undertaken.


We are able to repair bags, suitcases, and sleeping bags.
Virginia and Mildred do most of the clothing alterations and repairs like hems, zips, seams and other general repairs.

School Work

The sewing in of name tags on school clothing and badges or beading for `colours` are willingly undertaken.


Embroidery with corporate logos is undertaken on shirts, caps, towels, jackets and bags.

Other Alterations

More unusual items we repair or replace are filters for industrial air conditioners and straps for brush cutters used by garden services. 

If it is made of fabric and needs repair or replacing – give us a try!